Electrification taken one step further

Electrification of vehicles The conversion Kit from E-Works Mobility - purely electric

The core of E-Works Mobility. We develop optimized solutions for commercial vehicles and selected classical cars as an independent and flexible system partner for municipalties, commercial enterprises and private customers.

Our claim is to offer the hightest quality. The system solutions - optimized for serial production - consist of in-house software development and design.

State-of-the-art technology. Every conversion is carried out by our highly qualified staff members in accordance with current technical standards. Thus we build safe, highly efficient, powerful and modular systems for vehicles.

Our value Optimized combination of software and hardware

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The heart of a highly efficient system is the perfect interaction of all components. That is why we develop the software ourselves - in-house. Quality, safety and efficiency are thus consistently guaranteed.

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We develop highly efficient systems by combining the latest technologies and components in a flexible and agile manner. Due to our independence from suppliers and components, we are extremely flexible. We work quickly and efficiently on the most innovative concepts in the electrification of vehicles.

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Complex components and increasing demands require modular approaches. Our engineers develop, test and put the latest technologies and components through their paces. In this way we ensure that we can provide the perfect combination of hardware for an inherently efficient system.

Stadtverkehr in Großstadt

The switch to e-mobility Why we should change

  • New technologies have to be experienced in order to specifically promote sustainable solutions and to improve the quality of life in cities and communities.
  • A rethinking in municipal and urban transport policy must happen quickly in order to avoid impending driving bans in cities, to protect the health of citizens and at the same time to guarantee mobility for the population and the economy.

  • The federal government has the goal to become climate-neutral by 2030, which is why the federal government promotes and subsidizes electromobility.

  • Companies will and must take responsibility in order to do their part for sustainability. The switch to e-mobility is an important starting point for a corporate sustainability strategy, especially for companies with fleets, and offers enormous potential, especially in the area of ​​service costs.

  • Companies will and must take responsibility in order to do their part for sustainability. The switch to e-mobility is an important starting point for a corporate sustainability strategy, especially for companies with fleets, and offers enormous potential, especially in the area of ​​service costs.

Switch now We create clarity

We will give you advise on funding opportunities, help you with applications and will explain the benefits of switching to one of our offers.


E-Works Mobility - The company Technological innovation from Munich

We are system-partners, software developers, engineers and specialists in the conversion of conventional drives to electric drives - holistically lived at E-Works Mobility.

The switch to e-mobility is progressing steadily - and has numerous advantages. We are committed to the goal of playing a leading role. Since 2017 we have been working with our engineering knowledge realize perfect electrification.

We rely on a systematic switch. Our focus is on the retrofitting of fleets and selected vehicle types. If the size of the fleet is reasonable, we will be happy to expand our product portfolio together with you and create a concept - tailored to your needs.

Contact us and we will discuss your approaches together.



The headquarter.

The in-house software development is the heart of our vehicles. Electric vehicles require advanced software to cope with challenges, limited ranges and the lack of charging stations.

The software defines the vehicle.

Our software engineers work on a perfect solution for our vehicles and always have the finger on the pulse - and can always play the latest updates on our vehicles and bring them up to date.


Component development

All components on the market that do not meet our requirements are designed and developed by our team of engineers. We always orientate on the latest technologies and manufacturing processes in order to deliver precisely fitting and safe components for the conversion kit. Quality "Made in Germany".

Perfect balance

One of our core competence lies in the development of the EWM battery-management-system (BMS). This means that we operate independent of external suppliers on the market. For us, ensuring optimal performance and a maximum service life of the battery are the most important criteria. The battery status (voltage, power and temperature) is monitored through tested sensors. Powerful electronics - safe and efficient.

Elektrifizierter Mercedes Benz Sprinter

E-Works Mobility - Commercial vehicles Efficiency in everyday life

With the development of our electrified commercial vehicle based on the Mercedes Sprinter, we have holistically solved the challenge of efficient use in everyday life. Not only do we offer the most powerful commercial vehicle in its class, we have also been able to integrate many useful features.

Thanks to the powerful configuration, you can fully exploit the advantages of an electrified commercial vehicle in everyday life. On our subpage you can find out everything about our solution for your application.

Elektrifizierter Porsche

E-Works Mobility - Classic Cars Solutions for Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang

At E-Works Mobility, we face challenges with innovation. Thus we can offer special solutions for the conversion of selected Porsche and Mustang models. The inventive spirit - from which new approaches to solutions arise from the multitude of different requirements - is our motivation to create optimal concepts for retrofitting. Zeitgeist meets technology.

Find out more about our special conversions in the area of ​​classics.