Better performance with E-Works Mobility components


The heart of a highly efficient system is the perfect interaction of all components. That is why we develop the software ourselves - in-house. Quality, safety and efficiency are ensured and guaranteed throughout.


Clarity and information content are also the most important information carriers for circuit diagrams. Design for EMC right from the start. Altium Designer gives our designers access to powerful EDA tools. Our designers have years of experience and receive ongoing training. Design for manufacturing and design for testability are important goals.

CAD design

From simple components to complex component groups - we implement 3D CAD tasks parametrically-associatively with market-leading software such as CATIA®. Product development is thus always at the cutting edge of technology.

Our products

Battery Pack

Always on the safe side with our patented battery pack. 16 battery modules ensure unrivaled ranges. On request, we can adapt the dimensions to your vehicle. The choice of material is up to you.


Versatile with our self-developed battery management system. Whether in a vehicle or as a home storage solution, our electronic circuitry monitors and controls even the most complex systems.


The Low Voltage Junction Box. The Low Voltage Junction Box is used to provide a safe, clean and orderly enclosure for splicing low voltage wires together. The Junction Box can be mounted on any surface.


E-Works Mobility's high-voltage power distribution units and power distribution elements provide power to all critical loads within the electric vehicle - including propulsion and auxiliary loads - while protecting electrical and electronic components and vehicle occupants with reliable circuit protection solutions. These distribution boxes or fuse boxes are ideal solutions for battery electric vehicles (BEV).


You will find all components in the HEERO.
Best performance in every respect.

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Electromobility - safe and efficient. Commercial vehicles up to 5,5t, Porsche 964, Mustang, or classics like the DeLorean. The core business of E-Works Mobility is the development of high-performance components for electric drive systems.

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