Innovation needs a boost We offer an elaborated concept.

E-Works Mobility Partner Reliable and quality-conscious

Scaling a complex topic such as the electrification of commercial vehicles is challenging. We have mastered them and developed a system in which the conversion can be mapped very easily. In addition, we support our partners in the relevant organizational issues and thus ensure a carefree process.

Safety comes first, so we check every installation and personally approve the entire system. We guarantee highest quality standards and can give a two-year guarantee on all components of our systems.

We work with a decentralized partner network through which licensed partners take over the conversion of the commercial vehicles.

Do you want to become a partner? Innovative technology can be implemented by everyone

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The conversion Perfect integration, clever standards

Clever logistics. After placing the order, you as a partner will receive the vehicle and the conversion kit as a complete package delivered quickly. Thanks to the standards we have developed, we ensure that the vehicles to be converted quickly and easily - and offer you attractive conversion services. The final inspection takes place on site by one of our E-Works Mobility employees.

Our motto is to offer the highest quality - anytime. 

Networked. As a partner, you also benefit from the E-Works Mobility network.

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The service Trained team, safe technology

Carefree and smooth. We are always at your side if you have any questions. In order to ensure the best possible installation, your employees will receive first-class training from our team, and you will also receive simple and understandable conversion instructions.

Do you like our vision of a sustainable and electrified mobility? Become our partner!